Top 5 Popular Bengali Sweets: Beyond Rossogolla & Sandesh

If you genuinely feel like flustering a Bengali, ask him about his favourite Bengali delicacy? Then, you might be eventually awarded with a response but not before few serious frowns and frets with eyebrows. It is actually not an easy question to deal with. How can you pick one relishable delicacy over another? But ask a Bengali to pick at least 5 delicacies, and would sway into an aura of happy grin. Negating the quintessential Rossogolla , Sandesh and Mishti Doi, here is Haldiram Prabhuji’s favourite list of 5 delicacies:

  • Lobongo Lotika


Perfectly moulded resembling a tiny envelope, Lobongo Lotika is sealed with a single clove. Lobongo Lotika is generally savoured during festive season. Lobongo Lotika is made with refined flour, well blended and stuffed with khoya, grated cardamom (elaichi), nuts, raisins and coconut, folded in the form of an envelope and held with a stick of clove, fried in ghee, soaked in thick sugary syrup and served hot.

  • Kheer Kadam


Kheer Kadam is named after Kadamba, a ball structured flower with small petals pointing at all directions. This delectable and extremely sweet ball is made by encasing Rossogolla which is generally smaller than the usual ones. This encasing is first coated with kheer and then dusted with dried kheer. The main idea behind preparing kheer kadam is to bite into the shell and then slowly let the rasgulla take over the excitement. The best way to gulp the sweet is to ideally pop the whole delicacy into the mouth and then relish the delectable taste.

  • Patishapta


Patishapta is pancake stuffed roll which is prepared during the occasion of Makar Sankranti. This particular delicacy is made generally at home. Stuffed with grated coconut and powdered jaggery is typically mixed well and had warm because the filling brings the true cherishable taste of goodness. The batter of the pancake is prepared with flour, semolina and rice flour which is mixed well with milk. The delicacy prepared is really thin. In many households, the filling of the delicacy is prepared with sugar rather than jaggery.

  • Chhanar Jilipi


Chhanar Jilipi is prepared with chhana (cottage cheese), khoya and flour. Exceedingly decadent, soft and sweet, Chhanar Jilipi is deep fried and then soaked in sugary syrup flavoured with cardamom.

  • Shor Bhaja

Shor Bhaja

Shor Bhaja is made with milk cream. The delicacy is originally from Krishna Nagar in Nadia district, West Bengal. Shor Bhaja is considered to be the toughest sweets. Typically called the toughest sweets because it is layered with milk cream. After this process, the sweet is deep fried and soaked in sugary syrup.

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