Drink To Beat Summer Heat

As the mercury proliferates to a newer high, we parch and scurry for cover to purge of the scorching weather. Through the blaze of sweltering summer, deliberate exhaustion of body and mind calls for an unruffled laze. Desi coolers like sherbet, thandai, mocktail, fruit juice often come for our rescue to beat excessive fatigue and weariness. This summer skew in nutritious change. Instead of supping coloured drinks, fork on refreshing and building good health by trying the traditional taste.  

Thandai or Sardai, an exclusive Indian drink originating from North is prepared from a mix of spices, nuts and milk concoction to endow cooling effect on mind and body. Almond is the key player while sweet scented aromatic spices like peppercorns, fennel and cardamom hoist the flavour of the drink. The drink is further suffused with rose petals, kesar or saffron and garnished with pistachios.  The eclectic mix of the fragrant elements makes it an exotic and desirable drink for summers.

With time, most of the drinks have undergone a sea change. Though the thandaiold traditional thandai still remains vogue representing the taste of the country. The new age thandai, the ready mix one has also gained preferable demand and preference as it is easy to prepare and available in various flavours. The current market offers a flock of thandai mixtures available in different flavours like Rose, Badam, Pista and Kesar. Alongside, Syrups like Khus Sherbet, Roohafza and Orange Syrup are considerably consumed and exotically preferred by the majority to beat the heat during summer. These drinks are extremely good for summers as it fights dehydration, quenches your thirst, rejuvenates and refreshes the body and soothes the stomach in entirety. 

As you stock up on summer drinks to relict yourself from the torturous heat, imbue on the authentic flavours that guarantee good health.

If you are confused from where to buy original, authentic and healthy thandai and syrups, You can try Haldiram’s thandai .

Click the below link to buy your favourite flavour of Thandai.


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  1. Hi. This is Tanmay.
    We would like to cover Haldiram Prabhuji by a bolggers Meet. Can you guide me ?


    1. Hi Tanmay, Can you please elaborate on what you mean to say?

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      1. Yup Sure !! I have visited almost all Showroom of Haldiram Prabhuji ! Here in my blog you can see that we receive invitation from the Hotels, Restaurants , Food Joints being a Food Blogger and a leading reviewers in Zomato ! We visit various Joints, Photoshoot following by a dinner or lunch ! Then writing about the experience and promote your brand via various social media platforms and Zomato !!

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  2. Tanmay can you write to us the same on haldiramkolkata.in@gmail.com ?

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  3. Yes Sure !! Whom to address ? And may I know your name or contact Number ?? My Fb link is also provided here in my Blog !! I am also associated with few Food Joints as a In House Blogger ! We can discuss also in whatsapp !!


  4. You can address Mrinal, Share your details our concerned person will get in touch with you and then you can discuss it to take forward.

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  5. Thank You !! You please also inform Mrinal and provide me his number or yours if possible !!


  6. Sending the mail by next 5 minutes !!


  7. mail Sent Brother !!


    1. Ok, Thanks. We’ll get back to you


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